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HACCP Certificado de Planta Alim Cenard

HACCP Certificado de Planta Alim Cenard

Calidad Alimentaria


Quality Plan

We offer high-quality food services. By means of a certificate authority, we examine the supplying, transportation, storage and food preparation processes.

To ensure its service standards and to guarantee food safety, A.T.A. S.A. has systematized its main processes. The company has certified the following plans, applying them continuously in all its business facilities.

» Best manufacture practices: IRAM 14201 Regulation.
» HACCP, cGMP and SSOP Plan.

HACCP:Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
CGMP: current Good Manufacturing Practices.
SSOP: Standard Sanitary Operation Procedures.

By means our special staff (Quality supervisors), we supervise in every moment the critical control points in every process.
We have a continuously Training plan for our staff, assuring constant quality and safety in all our services.

It should be noted that ATA S.A. has achieved the Certification of HACCP Plan in a Remote Site Camp (Los Caracoles Dam, San Juan Province, Argentina).



The protection of the employee’s health and safety is one of the most important policies of the company. A.T.A. S.A. adjusts the activity within the most adequate labor practices, current regulations and the social context.

Preventative care actions are continuously implemented in order to eliminate or minimize any side effect on health and environment implied by the developed activity.

The following principles support said objective:

» Commitment in all levels of the organization: the responsibility is NOT delegated
» Accidents can be avoided.
» Promotion and guarding of one’s own safety and everybody’s is only possible with fulfillment of regulations and security procedures.
» Order and cleaning are the mainstays to generate security conditions.

A.T.A. S.A. applies all the security procedures in every process and tasks carried out.

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