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Gualcamayo Mining Camp, Jachal, San Juan, Argentina
Gualcamayo Mining Camp, Jachal, San Juan, Argentina
Caracoles Dam, San Juan, Argentina
Caracoles Dam, San Juan, Argentina

Food service in remote sites

ATA S.A. joins Mining and others Projects in Remote Sites, where a special food plan is required to allow an energetic recovery after a long working day. This is carried out keeping the highest quality standards, offering an efficient and reliable service, aiming to improve the quality of life of the workers.

Alta Tecnología Alimentaria | Minería

”wherever the hard work is, we provide healing energy”

̔Because of the hard conditions of the weather, and the energy demanded by the work, in remote sites the caloric demand of the worker and the adequate hydration are the most important factors to be considered.
The menus are selected considering all of the above mentioned, and designed by our experts (nutritionists, Health Instructors, etc).

Besides, we consider each meal as a moment of distraction and relax. Customers are welcomed to the dining-room with an excellent service and a comfortable environment in which they can feel satisfied and at ease.



Cleaning services, Laundry and Hotel Administration in Remote Sites

A.T.A. S.A. offers a wide experience in housekeeping and support services for Mining Camps and other projects in remote areas. This includes the following activities:

» Hotel administration in Camp.
» Cleaning and setting up of rooms and other areas.
» Laundry (installation, maintenance and operation).
» Other related services (garbage collection, raking over, etc).

Additional services

A.T.A. easily adapts to our clients´ needs, offering all additional services that they may require.

» Recreation and sport activities.
» Special events (Dinner parties or lunch with music performances, actor comedian, etc.)
» Kiosk, phone box, etc.


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