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Alta Tecnologia Alimentaria S.A. is a company formed by a group of professionals with an outstanding track record in the field of food services for important organizations and the entire development and management of hotels.

Our Mission

Alta Tecnologia Alimentaria S.A. is designed to render gastronomic and hotel services of the highest quality standards, with a special focus on customer’s health, well-being and quality of life.
The company remains committed to the community and their needs, taking special care of the environment.



Our Values

» Strong commitment to quality, safety and environmentally friendly actions.

» Business management based on ethical values.

» Constant search for the well-being and development of our staff through permanent training and involvement.

» Working jointly with each client and acknowledging that success is achieved by means of their confidence on our company.

» Social Responsibility: total commitment to the social, economic and environmental problematic.

» Flexibility: customer satisfaction “here and now!

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