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ATA Hotelería y Alimentación Institucional
  Alta Tecnología Alimentaria | Social Responsibility  
Instituto Magister (Ciudad de San Juan)
Magister Training School, San Juan City, Argentina
Instituto Magister (Ciudad de San Juan)
Trainee in Jachal City, San Juan, Argentina
Trainees and workshops in different communities

ATA S.A. is committed with the community needs, within its Social Responsibility Program.
The aim of these endeavors is to strengthen the relation with the community in which A.T.A. S. A. develops its activities, offering the possibility of training and employment to people interested on learning about food service, hospitality and Tourism industries.

Our company has created its own Training School: Magister Inst., located in the city of San Juan, in accordance with the agreements signed by the Mining Secretary and the Tourism Secretary of San Juan province. From this School, we have been giving a wide range of courses open and free to the community. These courses are about different aspects related with food services and hotel management.

ATA S.A. provides free workshops and training programs to the people of different communities

“Our policy is to extend our projects of Social Responsibility to all those regions where we work, relying strongly on education, as a solid base for all actions aiming to the sustainable development of the communities”



» Jáchal, San Juan, Argentina:  Jachal City, Huaco, Niquivil

» Iglesia, San Juan, Argentina: Rodeo, Tudcum, Angualasto, Villa Iglesia, Las Flores

» Andalgalá, Province of Catamarca

» Guandacol, Dto. de Felipe Varela, Province of La Rioja

» Barreal, Calingasta, Province of San Juan

» Uspallata, Province of Mendoza

» Malargüe, Province of Mendoza

SUMMARY: more than 6500 assistants & more than 23000 hours (March 2003 - December 2011)

The company has also developed a nutrition plan, destined to schools nearer to the projects in which we offer services. Besides, there have been carried out several workshops concerning to Nutrition Education.

Likewise, the company seeks constant development of local industries, by means different training activities that aim to promote their growth.


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