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The company is committed to the idea that the clients need effective and fast solutions. Therefore, A.T.A. S.A. is flexible to the requirements of the clients in all circumstances. Our structure, our work philosophy and the constant involvement of the company Directors, turn into fast decisions, avoiding bureaucratic schemes, in order to improve efficiency and customer’s satisfaction.

Food Safety

The main objective of A.T.A. S.A. is to offer healthy and safe food, following the norms and standards suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO). Such norms are based on good manufacture practices, considering the principles of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), which offers the necessary tools for prevention during the whole elaboration process to finally ensure food safety.
The company applies said regulations in all its food facilities, having been granted the certifications and successive validations of the HACCP system. ATA S.A. is the first company in achieving the HACCP system implementation in remote camps.

Natural food

Foodstuff is accurately selected according to the rules regarding sanitary control (SENASA, CAA).
Food raw material is transported in vehicles licensed by the corresponding authority and which respond to the need of each particular product, thus guaranteeing the quality.



Menu Department

The company has a staff of experts in nutrition and chefs, who are in charge of the menus design, aiming to guarantee a healthy and tasty nutrition.

Therapeutic diets

People who need special food care must have opportunity of eating in the places where they spend most part of the day, without this means a problem.

A.T.A. S.A. always offers alternatives of therapeutic diets for people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, celiac disease, etc. They should not find any difference in the services, as they have a wide variety of eye-catching and appetizing meals and desserts.

Environmental care

Our company is committed to the Environmental Care. A.T.A. S.A. trains its staff in every aspect concerning to mitigation actions (control, attenuation, renovation and compensation of negative impact). For example, we have specific training about solid waste handling and effluents treatment which can come up from different processes.


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