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Minas Argentinas S.A.
Yamana Gold
Gualcamayo Mine

Since November 2007 to the present. Food Services, Housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services to more than 1200 people in Gualcamayo Mine, located in Jachal District, San Juan Province.
Additional Services: attention of Kiosk and Phone Boxes. Special Events.

Techint Panedile - UTE
Los Caracoles & Punta Negra Dam

Los Caracoles Dam

Since October 2004 to July 2010. Food Services, Housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services to more than 1000 people in Los Caracoles Dam, located in Zonda District, San Juan Province.
Additional Services: attention of Kiosk and Phone Boxes. Special Events.

Despite the hard-working conditions in Remote Sites, ATA S.A. has achieved the certification of HACCP Plan in July 2006, and obtaining successive validations up to the end of the project.

Punta Negra Dam 

Since October July 2010. Food Services and cleaning services to 800 people per day. Project located in Ullum District, San Juan Province.

Techint S.A.C.I.

Sepultura Camp “Camino de Acceso a Mina Veladero” (Approach path to Veladero Mine)

During 2003 and 2004, Alta Tecnología Alimentaria S.A. has offered, for an eight month period, food services, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry to 600 employees, technical staff and labor for Techint Engineering and Constructions, in its labor camp, located in Sepultura (Iglesia District, San Juan Province), at 4000 mts above sea level, across the Andean Mountain Range.
Additional services: Kiosk attention, Special Events.

Potasio Río Colorado S.A.
“Cañadón Amarillo” Camp

Food services, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services from December 2003 until August 2005, destined to 60 people per day at Cañadón Amarillo Camp, Malargüe District, Mendoza Province.


National Secretary of Sports
CeNARD (National Centre of High-Performance Sport)

Since 2003, ATA S.A. renders Food Services to more than 400 sportsmen and sportswomen coming from branches all around the world, who use the facilities of the sports complex every day.

The strong competence pushes towards keeping an adequate food plan according to the physical attrition of each discipline, and of each sportsman or sportswoman in particular. A.T.A. S. A. applies all the knowledge and experience, offering a high quality service according to the requested caloric input for each particular case.
Additional Services: Bar and Kiosk attention.

National Tourism Secretary
Chapadmalal Touristic Entity

Since September 2005, ATA S.A. is in charge of the operation and management of the Hotels N° 5 and 7 of the Chapadmalal Touristic Entity (Route 11, km 33,5), devoted to the development of the Social Tourism, with a capacity of 650 passengers per hotel.

Since October 2007, the National Tourism Secretary has granted A.T.A. S. A. the management of two additional hotels of said touristic entity (Hotels N° 2 and 9), with a capacity exceeding 1,000 passengers.

In this way, A.T.A. S. A. management in the Chapadmalal Touristic Entity totalizes a service capacity of 2,300 people.

The offered services include from food services and housekeeping to the organization of all kind of recreational activities, as well as the management of kiosks, bars and other shops involving customer service.

Student contingents from around the country, retirement groups and families are accommodated in these hotels. ATA S.A. develops different activities oriented particularly to each of these groups.

Offered services:

» Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
» Extensive cleaning.
» Housekeeping.
» Kiosks and other diverse shops.
» Pharmacy.
» Sweetshop and beach side bar.
» Playrooms.
» Sport and recreational activities.
» Hotel maintenance.
» Repair of Facilities.

Honorable Chamber of Representatives of the National Congress

Food service of the Honorable Chamber of Representatives of the National Congress, to more than 400 people a day, from November 2006 to December 2008.

Offered services:

» State legislators and high officials dining-room care.
» Personnel dining-room.
» Sweetshop, Coffee Store, Bar.
» Special events.

Hotel Puerta del Sol - Mendoza

Management and complete development of the hotel and all the related services since 2003.
Located at the heart of Mendoza city, Puerta del Sol Hotel is an excellent option for either business or tourism enjoyment.
The hotel has 80 comfortable rooms, with a complete breakfast service and a customized service. The hotel capacity is of 210 visitors.
Address: Garibaldi 82. Mendoza City
Phone / Fax: (+54 261) 4204820


Gran Hotel Uspallata - Mendoza

Management and complete development of the hotel and all the related services since 2003.
The hotel has 85 comfortable rooms with a capacity of 250 visitors, convention centre, swimming pool, paddle and football courts. Business events, conferences and conventions are held in this hotel, as well as shows, wedding parties, etc.
Address: Ruta Nº7 KM 1149. Uspallata
Phone / Fax: (+54 2624) 420 066

Secretary of Turism, Culture y Environment of San Juan Province

Food Services destinated to the cast and crew, producers, etc. of “San Martín, el cruce de Los Andes” Film (400 people) at Barreal, Calingasta, Province of  San Juan, during June of 2009. 

El Pachón Project

Catering, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Maintenance, Waste Management, etc. at El Pachón Camp (3600 metres above the sea level) and other camps near the project.

BARRICK GOLD – Barrick Exploraciones Argentina S.A.
Pascua Lama Project

Pascua Lama Project - Los Amarillos Camp (Iglesia District, San Juan Province)

Catering, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Laundry, Maintenance, Entretainment and other support services to 3000 people per day at 4000 mts above sea level.

Pre assembly Yard (Albardón District, San Juan Province)

Catering and cleaning services to 800 people per day.




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